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Tourism and hospitality

International tourism is on the rise thanks to affordable flights and countless online offers. Chinese tourists come to the USA and Europe, Europeans love the Middle East, and millenials are looking for adventure. The key to standing out in this crowded market is the adequate preparation of customer-oriented materials promoting tourist facilities. Potential guests must know about the comfort, desirability and exceptional qualities of each offer.

MAGIT is able to respond to these challenges thanks to our carefully selected team of translators and editors. Besides conveying the meaning of the source text, we make sure to adapt the content to the target culture. In addition, we create promotional and marketing materials that inspire emotions and make it possible to stand out from the crowd. We translate content for worldwide travel sites and hotel chains on a regular basis..

Examples of materials we translate:

  •  HR procedures and documentation,
  •  legal documents,
  •  advertising pamphlets and brochures,
  •  press releases,
  •  website localization,
  •  visitor reviews,
  •  property and attraction descriptions,
  •  tips for guests,
  •  reservation systems,
  •  staff training courses,
  •  commercial agreements.

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