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Specialized and technical translation

The main area of our activity is specialized translation. Providing such services requires a good knowledge of the specific industry and its terminology in order to properly understand the source text and produce a quality translation that will be easily understood by the target audience. In order to achieve this goal, we take care of three interconnected aspects: people, processes and technology.


We work with professional translators who have relevant education. The translated materials are edited and proofread by our team members with substantial experience in the industry. If needed, we also consult subject matter experts in order to ensure the highest quality of the translated text.


In each job, the entire translation team uses consistent terminology: either submitted by the client or compiled by us and approved by the client. The translated texts are edited, proofread and verified from a technical point of view in order to eliminate all imperfections. In the case of materials intended for print, we also check the graphical layout and the completeness of the entire publication.


For many years, we have been working on our projects using translation memory software. It allows us to maintain terminological and stylistic consistency, which is particularly helpful in projects handled by larger translation teams. It also makes it possible to reduce and optimize the costs of handling subsequent requests.

At MAGIT, we are able to adapt to the technical requirements of our clients thanks to our hands-on knowledge and access to software such as SDL Trados Studio, Across Server, Transit, Smartling, MemoQ or Idiom WorldServer. We can also help clients choose the right solution if they do not have a clear preference.

Our broad experience allows us to translate virtually any kind of material. Examples include:

  • instruction manuals and user guides,

  • echnical documentation,

  • marketing and advertising materials,

  • legal documents (e.g. warranties, agreements),

  • e-learning resources.

Below are our top industries in terms of the number of completed projects:

  • IT, software, apps
  • agricultural and construction equipment
  • automotive
  • life sciences and medical devices
  • industrial automation
  • tourism and hospitality
  • consumer electronics
  • graphic design
  • telecommunications
  • robotics

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