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The rapid advancements in technology have increased the importance of specialized knowledge and experience combined with the ability to create and implement new solutions. For that reason, companies operating in the fields of industry and technology expect their translation partners to offer complementary skills. This allows them to ensure the adequate quality of documentation and materials that are crucial to the market success of their products.

At MAGIT, we have time and again proven that we fully understand these requirements and are able to offer the services of linguist teams whose competencies match the needs of our industrial and technological clients. Our teams include specialists who have relevant industry knowledge and can consult professionally active experts if necessary. This allows us to ensure a high accuracy and terminological and linguistic quality of the work produced.

Our areas of experience include industrial automation, warehouse infrastructure, measuring instruments, consumer electronics, agricultural and construction equipment, communications, automotive, graphic design, robotics and telecommunications.

Materials we have translated for our clients include:

  •  tender documentation,
  •  service documentation,
  •  instruction manuals and user guides,
  •  product catalogs,
  •  online materials,
  •  promotional and advertising materials,
  •  device firmware,
  •  e-learning courses,
  •  greements and legal documents.

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