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Maintaining the proper quality of translation services for our clients requires a constant balance of four aspects: client communication, project management, HR management (in-house team and external contractors) and technological infrastructure. For each of these elements, we have developed efficient solutions and best practices that allow our clients to feel confident that their projects are in good hands. In the event of unexpected problems on the client's end, they can count on our active help.

Below are some of the key principles of how we handle projects::

  • Each project we work on is led by a project manager, who is responsible for communicating with the client, assembling the team, preparing the schedule, ensuring the proper quality of the work produced, as well as billing the costs.
  • Regular clients are served by a dedicated team of translators and editors, selected based on their experience and collected data regarding the quality of their work.
  • All translations are performed by native speakers of the target language.
  • Each job details are is stored in a project management system used by all project managers. This allows us to monitor progress and allocate resources efficiently.
  • We only work with carefully vetted translators who have successfully passed the qualifying stages. Their work is regularly assessed as an integral part of the process, and recruitment is conducted in compliance with the 17100 standard.
  • Translations into languages other than Polish are produced by regular contractors who are native speakers of the target languages, residing in countries where said languages are used officially.
  • In our translation projects, we use TM tools that make it possible to maintain terminological and linguistic consistency (SDL Studio, MemoQ, Across etc.), as well as quality control tools.
  • Depending on the client’s requirements, we lay down specific guidelines for the editing and quality assurance (QA) stages.


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