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LED lighting

Our mission is to offer the latest in lighting technology. We don’t brand our products as “technology of the future” – we are offering them now, as we believe that these are the standards of today. Energy efficient, modern solutions, such as LED lighting fixtures or LED illumination systems for advertising signage have been our specialty for many years. We change the dull reality, adding glamor to the interior of your office or shop and illuminating streets, warehouses and production halls.

Advertising lighting

All our advertising lighting products are made from the highest-quality materials supplied by our partners.

Solar lighting fixtures

LED solar lighting fixtures – outdoor LED lamps powered by solar energy, equipped with photovoltaic panels and storage batteries. One of the great things about our lamps is the fact that they do not require an external power supply – this means no power cords or wires. All you need to do is install the lamp and enjoy the beautiful light after dark.

LED panels

LED panels – LED lighting fixtures designed to be built into dropped ceilings with square (595x595 mm) or rectangular (1195x295 mm) panels. Most of the fixtures, although intended for dropped ceilings, can just as well be installed directly on the ceiling using a special installation frame or suspended on steel ropes and hooks. Our flagship products in this category are the RHEA LED 38 W (595 × 595 mm) and the RHEA LED LONG 38 W (1195 × 295 mm).

LED street lighting

utdoor LED lighting fixtures for illuminating streets, access roads, parking lots, town squares, railway platforms, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian zones, bicycle paths and areas surrounding buildings. Our flagship product in this category is the URAN LED lamp, available in: 40 W, 50 W, 60 W, 80 W, 100 W and 120 W versions. Our lamps’ excellent parameters and low power consumption make it possible to save on electricity and running costs while improving the quality of your outdoor lighting.

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