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Offices, hospitals, schools and other organizations need proper signage solutions. Such solutions can include door signs. They can be mounted directly on doors or on walls next to doors. Door signs influence a company’s image and can make a good impression on visitors.

Depending on their individual needs, clients can choose from a variety of systems, including Seberg, Rhythm, Vision and Giotto. They are available in a variety of size variants, which makes it possible to accommodate the desired paper size.

PMMA or glass signs can be installed using Citinox mounts, which we distribute.

Additionally, information can be displayed in our Modern and Classic showcases, which can be made in a variety of sizes depending on the client’s needs. We also offer the special Rotullo convex profile, designed to protect showcase legs.


Classic showcases

Our INFO Cases, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors, are most frequently used by chain stores, institutions, schools, public administration offices and museums. They are manufactured with specific use cases in mind in order to ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the chosen product. We are able to design showcases that guarantee the highest level of functionality for the user.

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The Vision system consists of convex aluminum profiles with a width of 14 cm or 8 cm and extra accessories, which make it possible to create virtually any kind of signage: from small, single-panel indoor information signs to large, multi-panel outdoor information and direction signs, which can mounted on a wall or pole or suspended from the ceiling..

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The flat door signs are made from aluminum profiles (raw or anodized silver) in accordance with the client’s preferences.Our wide range of panels makes it possible to design both simple signs and boards consisting of multiple segments, as well as suspend them from the ceiling using wire.

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