LED street lighting

 Outdoor LED lighting fixtures for illuminating streets, access roads, parking lots, town squares, railway platforms, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian zones, bicycle paths and areas surrounding buildings. Our flagship product in this category is the URAN LED lamp, available in 40 W, 50 W, 60 W, 80 W, 100 W and 120 W versions. Our lamps’ excellent parameters and low power consumption make it possible to save on electricity and running costs while improving the quality of your outdoor lighting.


Uran LED

The Uran LED lamp is designed for environments with temperatures ranging from –40°C to +50°C. All variants have the same housing size (810 × 225 × 75 mm) regardless of power and number of lighting modules, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of your lighting system. The Uran LED lamp is available in a blue or gray housing.

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