In the “LED panels” category, we present LED lighting fixtures designed to be built into dropped ceilings with square (595x595 mm) or rectangular (1195x295 mm) panels. Most of the fixtures, although intended for dropped ceilings, can just as well be installed directly on the ceiling using a special installation frame or suspended on steel ropes and hooks. Our flagship products in this category are the RHEA LED 38 W (595x595 mm) and the RHEA LED LONG 38 W (1195x295 mm).

panel led

Rhea LED Flat 35W

The Rhea LED Flat 35 W is a perfect replacement for a standard 4 × 18 W fluorescent lamp fixture. It consumes much less power and offers far better lighting parameters (~3500 lm luminous flux). Particularly recommended for office spaces, stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and public buildings. Suitable for 595 × 595 mm ceiling systems. Only 13 mm thick (51 mm including power supply). Can be controlled using the DALI standard (at no additional costs)! 

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