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What is the purpose of advertising? We all know the answers: to attract customers, to promote your product or service, to draw attention to your business. To “keep things rolling”, if you will.

Sounds simple… but that's where problems begin. Studies show that half of advertising expenditure goes to waste – but nobody knows exactly which half… At MAGIT, we try our best to answer this question. And we have quite a lot going for us:

28 years on the market, more than 800 happy clients and more than 2000 completed projects.
In addition, we have our own systems that allow us to build advertising signage of any size, as well as a wide range of modern, eye-catching solutions: from LED displays to lightboxes to engraved edge-lit signs to LED neons.


We work with the client to develop effective, comprehensive signage solutions. Besides offering the latest signage technologies currently available in the world, we also strive to meet the client's expectations regardless of the required standards.

LED lighting

Our mission is to offer the latest in lighting technology. We don’t brand our products as “technology of the future” – we are offering them now, as we believe that these are the standards of today. Energy efficient, modern solutions, such as LED lighting fixtures or LED illumination systems for advertising signage have been our specialty for many years. We change the dull reality, adding glamor to the interior of your office or shop and illuminating streets, warehouses and production halls.

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