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With our many years’ worth of experience and a team of professionals, we are able to provide comprehensive signage solutions to virtually any facility, such as a hotel, a museum, a shopping mall, a sports hall or a hospital.

Together with the client, the MAGIT team will develop the most effective comprehensive signage solution. We can offer solutions made with state-of-the-art technology or follow standards expected by the client. From the very inception of a design, we carry out our projects in a comprehensive manner, taking care of the concept designs, blueprints, permissions, manufacturing, installation, as well as maintenance – both during and after the warranty period.


Sports and entertainment hall in Toruń

Scope of work:

  • signs with photos of athletes mounted using wire systems,
  • signs encasing existing pillars,
  • signs made from steel sheets perforated through milling,
  • sector signage (wall-mounted PVC letters),
  • sector signage (lettering painted on the floor),
  • direction signs (metal boxes mounted on pillars),
  • underground parking lot signage (pillar-mounted signs with zone names),
  • large-format monitors above the ticket office,
  • sports trophy showcases.



Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park in Katowice

Scope of work::

  • double-sided outdoor totems (2.5 x 5 m),
  • double-sided billboards (6 x 3 m) with halogen lighting,
  • commemorative plaques made from aluminum composite,
  • direction sign,
  • advertising folder stand,
  • PMMA information signs with steel spacers,
  • stickers.


Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park in Katowice



Glogovia shopping mall

Scope of work:

Indoor signage:

  • backlit channel letters on the guardrail,
  • perpendicular wall signs for tenants,
  • suspended edgelit signs,
  • aluminum composite lightboxes,
  • informational InfoKiosks,
  • multimedia monitors,
  • stickers on the guardrail glass and the area below,
  • stickers on the escalator casing,
  • toilet entrance stickers.

Outdoor signage:

  • 3D backlit logotypes on the exterior walls of the building,

  • large-format backlit silhouettes made from aluminum composite,

  • stickers on the exterior walls of the building,

  • parking signage,

  • entrance, display window and vestibule stickers.

Glogovia shopping mall



National Fire Service in Wrocław

Scope of work::

  • information sign made from Seberg Vela panels,
  • door signs made from Seberg Vela panels,
  • adhesive film on windows,
  • glass sign with spacers,
  • exterior signage on buildings,
  • signboards..


Państwowa Straż Pożarna we Wrocławiu



Gaz System

Scope of work:

  • 3D letters made from extruded polystyrene,
  • backlit outdoor channel letters,
  • information signs with spacers,
  • aluminum panel-based information sign,
  • external sign made from frosted PMMA.
Gaz System


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