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MAGIT InfoKiosks – standard products and custom designs

  • from A to Z… design, manufacturing, delivery, assembly, deployment and maintenance
  • indoor InfoKiosks
  • outdoor InfoKiosks
Produkty - Rozmaite wyposażenie zależne od funkcjonalności

Different features depending on the desired functionality

  • touchscreen monitors
  • printers
  • card readers
  • barcode scanners
  • keyboards
Produkty - Różnorodne formy obudowy i różne materiały

A variety of housing shapes and materials

  • steel
  •  metal
  •  MDF
  •  wood
  •  resin
  •  glass
Produkty - Dbałość o detale

Attention to detail

  •  ergonomics
  •  aesthetic appeal
Produkty - Również dla dzieci

Also for children

  •  specially designed for children
  •  built with safety, ergonomics and durability in mind
  •  available as entire kids’ zones or individual units
  •  age-appropriate games and media on screen
Produkty - Wynajem


  •  for events, trade fairs and conferences
  •  can be customized to match the client's visual identity (logo or graphics on housing)

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