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InfoKiosk apps

In addition to complete hardware solutions, MAGIT also produces content and dedicated apps.

Secure Web browser

An application for interactive kiosks. It allows users to securely browse websites with ease.

App features:

  • web browsing;
  • document display;
  • photo and video display;
  • sending and receiving e-mail;
  • filtering Internet access;
  • accessibility features – high-contrast mode and zoom;
  • the ability to block the sending of e-mails from websites;
  • remote InfoKiosk management through LAN or Internet;
  • remote InfoKiosk management.

Shopping mall app

We offer a modern application for navigating buildings such as shopping malls: a so-called virtual guide. You can easily manage the app and update its content, as well as display ads for the mall or other advertisers. This way, the customer can quickly find the relevant information and store, as well as receive up-to-date information about special offers.

Basic app modules:

  • nteractive map of the mall + store search,
  • mall information,
  • web browser,
  • postcards from the mall,
  • public transport timetables.
Aplikacje - Katalogi multimedialne dla muzeów

Interactive catalogs for museums

Benefits of the museum app:

  • llows all visitors to actively explore the exhibition;
  • allows users to learn more about the items in digital form;
  • makes exhibitions more engaging;
  • promotes exhibitions in a unique way.
Aplikacje - Gry i quizy

Games and quizzes

Standalone apps for touchscreens and InfoKiosks. Made to order, with content and graphics customized based on specific requirements:

  • for various age groups;
  • in various language versions;
  • children’s games (jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, memory etc.);
  • quizzes for events or training courses.

Interactive books

We offer interactive books that can be used to display text, images, audio and video. Their benefits include:

  •  the ability for the client to edit and update content independently;
  •  the ability to display various kinds of publications, such as educational books, exhibition catalogs or information brochures;
  •  support for various language versions;
  •  customization in line with the client’s visual identity.
Aplikacje - Aplikacje w wersji dla niepełnosprawnych

Accessible apps

We also provide app versions that make content accessible to people with impaired vision or hearing

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