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It is difficult to classify digital signage as part of just one area of economic and social activity. Our solutions are intended for all sectors, from commercial and governmental to cultural and educational.


A centrally-managed network of monitors spanning numerous bank locations is an invaluable client communication tool. The screens can display information about banking services, special offers and dynamic ads, which significantly increase customer interest. In order to draw attention to promotional materials, the screens can also display informational and entertainment content.

Shopping malls

Our line-up of digital signage solutions for shopping malls includes modern, dynamic, media-based customer communication tools that increase visitors’ interest in the products and promotions offered by the stores.

We can deploy a full-featured multimedia digital signage system that includes all the features needed to create modern, dynamic, dedicated advertising and promotional communication targeted at visitors, in accordance with our client’s requirements.


In a modern corporate office, a large-format monitor or InfoKiosk is a sight as frequent as a sleek reception desk or a glass door. Digital signage solutions in this environment can have a variety of subsidiary functions: they provide information about where individual departments are located, make it possible to contact these departments directly, as well as display promotional and advertising materials.


MAGIT's product lineup makes it possible to create a modern, interactive, multimedia-based museum: from inception to deployment.

Drawing on our vast experience, we provide comprehensive museum solutions, including not only traditional exhibition systems with lighting, but also multimedia systems,, including solutions such as InfoKiosks, multimedia tables, projection installations and interactive floors.

Chain stores

In chain stores, the main purpose of digital signage solutions is to drive sales. For maximum effect, the communication should be placed directly next to the products being promoted, and the form of the communication is determined by the type of product. In the case of mass-produced items, the focus is on quality and value, while retailers of high-end and bespoke products use digital signage to create a pleasant shopping ambiance.

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