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Dedicated applications

Magit's DSnet software is a full-featured digital platform that allows users to create, distribute and manage their digital signage network.

Core features:

  • content creation
  • management
  • distribution
  • security
  • playback and monitoring

Applications, information widgets

As a part of the digital signage system, we propose to implement the information message in the form of online widgets, i.e. dedicated applications integrated with the digital signage system with diverse content of external data.

These are, for example:

  • weather – information from a given area;

  • general information – date, time, name day etc.;

  • exchange rates – for financial institutions and banks;

  • widgets with information for people with allergies;

  • air quality messages, etc.;

  • public transport timetables.

All the graphical layouts of applications are adjusted to match the client's visual identity or the type of application

Oprogramowanie - Aplikacje dla multimedialnych systemów muzealnych do przeglądania np. katalogów

Browsing apps for museum media systems, e.g. catalogs

Functionality of the application:

  • interactive exhibition catalogue;

  • virtual guide;

  • increased exhibition accessibility (different language versions; adapted for people with disabilities).

Applications using QR code

We offer a very modern interactive device for communication with customers.

The value of the solution:

  • the customer chooses the products and special offers presented in digital media devices;

  • the customer becomes active at the point of sale;

  • the customer does not get bored waiting to talk to the seller;

  • the customer can make an appointment;

  • the solution shows the company's modern approach to the customer;

  • when choosing and using the proposed tool, the client leaves contact information and indicates his or her area of interest;

  • the solution allows to determine which point of sale the customer visited;

  • this tool allows to publish extended marketing messages;

  • it is an additional channel of interactive communication with the customer.

Oprogramowanie - Aplikacje mobilne

Mobile apps

We create dedicated mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We carry out design work throughout the entire app development cycle:

  • concept and specification;

  • CMS functionality;

  • UX Design;

  • graphic design;

  • programming;

  • integration ( web beacon, QR codes, NFC, beacon/Wi-Fi/GPS location);

  • testing;

  • publishing and maintenance.

Virtual guide for stores/buildings

We offer a modern application for navigating buildings such as shopping malls: a so-called virtual guide.

You can easily manage the app and update its content, as well as display ads of the mall or other advertisers. This way, the customer can quickly find the relevant information and store, as well as receive up-to-date information about special offers. Basic app modules.

Interactive map of the mall + store search:
A module for adding and managing virtual guide maps. The module provides a list of brand stores and allows you to add and remove stores that have been assigned to active plan points. The module provides a list and allows to add or remove industries to which the stores are assigned. The list of industries appears in an interactive plan and allows you to filter the view of the stores.

Mall information
The module enables adding and editing information about the mall (the object). The information is displayed chronologically in the infokiosk application.

Internet browser:
The module provides a list and allows you to add and edit the addresses of allowed pages, which will be available in the browser module in the infokiosk application.

Postcards from the mall:
The module provides a list and allows you to add and edit graphics in the photography module in the infokiosk application. User can choose these files as a background of a custom e-postcard in the photography module.
Public transport timetables.

Virtual dressing room

App operation:

  • The visitor takes a picture of his or her face using a camera mounted on the kiosk and follows the next steps described in the application;

  • Next, they choose the type of costume, museum outfit or character;

  • They place their face in a chosen element, they accept and print a picture.

Benefits of the app:

  • a possibility for active participation for all visitors (every visitor can take a photo of their face);

  • makes exhibitions more engaging;

  • promotes exhibitions;

  • offers a personal souvenir.

Virtual floor

Benefits of the app:

  • a possibility for active participation for all visitors (every visitor can take a photo of their face);

  • mainly for children;

  • makes an exhibition more educational – pictures and descriptions inform about the exhibition’s subject;

  • makes exhibitions more engaging;

  • promotes exhibitions.


It is based on a fixed structure of the provided information, which is updated on the basis of status, price, availability or other parameters.

Infoboard can serve as:

  • menuboard for quick service restaurants (QSR);

  • poster with theatre, cinema or cultural centre programmes;

  • price lists;

  • list of rooms dedicated to specific issues for administration or customer service offices;

  • notice board with job vacancies for labour offices;

  • real estate or travel agency bulletin board.


As part of an integrated (comprehensive) approach to digital signage, we offer audio system with music resources. We can expand the existing digital signage system or build a new digital audio system (speakers, player, amplifier, etc.), as well as offer dedicated music playlists.

Musicas a background builds the atmosphere of the space visited by the customer and is a consistent sales and promotional element.

As part of the music offer we provide:

  • royalty free music;

  • commercial music with license and fees for relevant institutions, such as: ZAiKS, STOART or ZPAV;

  • preparation of playlists by a professional music consultant;

  • monthly music playlists based on different music tastes and different publication times, i.e. celebrations, holidays etc;

  • Voice recorded announcements: we work with many voice-over actors (some from respected and liked radio and television stations). We offer recording of the ready message and editing the whole;

  • radio clips: as part of our services, we prepare a professional ad with music, a voice-over and special effects, including mix and mastering – we create a full advertisement;

  • recording a message or an advertising spot within 24 hours.


As part of the audio system we provide:

  • counseling and consulting;

  • selection of equipment and its distribution in areas designated for audio;

  • installation of the whole system including the wiring;

  • publishing music resources and a remote service for them ( repair and maintenance), as well as on-site service.

MAGIT also records and publishes, via DSnet system, voice announcements for selected advertising campaigns or other events. We work with many voice-over actors (some from respected and liked radio and television stations).

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