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Comprehensive support

At Magit, our experience combined with the support of our technological partners allows us to offer a well-designed digital signage system.

We create turnkey solutions for diverse sectors of the market.

Our comprehensive support includes:

  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and development


Implementation analysis in the case of a digital signage system redesign:

• identification and prioritization of goals;
• unctional purposes of the system;
• information and tools needed to fulfill such purposes;
• analysis of the space and existing materials;
• utilization and arrangement of existing elements;
• utilization of architectural surfaces;
• categorization and characterization of users; assessment of the influence of user categories on the presentation of the information;
• potential user errors;
• content strategy;
• system accessibility and ergonomics;
• project financing model and return on investment.


Implementing a digital signage system involves more than just hanging a couple monitors.

It also involves:

  • project management,

  • manufacturing and assembly of the order,

  • delivery,

  • infrastructure development and installation.


Our digital signage network management services include:

  • central management,

  • monitoring and support,

  • helpdesk,

  • network development.

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