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Our solutions combine various technologies and media. We enhance traditional digital signage by implementing interactive solutions and dedicated desktop and mobile apps, as well as ensuring that the final product has an attractive design.

Media and design

Even the most polished, perfectly ergonomic content may prove ineffective and fail to capture the viewer's attention if the screen or other type of medium used to display it is of poor quality. This is why we always pay attention not only to the clarity of the content, but also to the high quality of the medium used.


Magit's DSnet software is a full-featured digital platform that allows users to create, distribute and manage their digital signage network.


What matters most in digital signage is what will be displayed on the screen, how it will look, as well as what results it will yield. Good content ensures that a network is effective and profitable. Such content needs to be visually attractive – this is achieved through creative work. Equally important, however, is the ergonomics of both the content and the medium – this is why we take measures to ensure that the content is as well-suited for its intended purposes as possible. And the most important criterion is effectiveness.

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