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Even the most polished, perfectly ergonomic content may prove ineffective and fail to capture the viewer's attention if the screen or other type of medium used to display it is of poor quality. This is why we always pay attention not only to the clarity of the content, but also to the high quality of the medium used.

DSnet network display devices are expected to operate 24 hours a day year-round with no interruptions. These are the requirements of digital narrowcasting. Thanks to the latest technological solutions and the ingenuity of our designers, we are able to create innovative media that can withstand such operating conditions for many years.

Our experience in IT and visual advertising allows us to use original and dedicated media. We make sure that the design of the displays matches the client's CI. We add monitors to traditional POS systems. We create systems consisting of two or more large-format interactive displays that complement each other in terms of functionality and ergonomics.

Each of the solutions presented here can work as part of a centrally managed network or as standalone devices.

Nośniki i design - Monitor Public Display

Media and design

Public Display monitor

Monitors are the basic media type in digital signage. Regardless of the size of the network, they have to operate in a stable and predictable manner. These requirements are met by public display monitors, which – in addition to being suitable for uninterrupted operation – also boast the following capabilities:

  •  high brightness,
  •  high contrast,
  •  ability to operate in various orientations.

Technical details have a major impact on the effectiveness of the content being displayed, which is why our line-up is based on monitors dedicated for digital signage networks..

Nośniki i design - Monitor interaktywny

Interactive monitor

By leveraging user interaction, DSnet networks make it possible to reach previously inaccessible public spaces, both in the context of social communication and visual advertising. Interactive systems can be used not just in retail outlets or showrooms, but also as interactive guides to various spaces. The interactivity makes it possible to increase users’ interest in a product and develop promotional and informational applications in a variety of ways.


Nośniki i design - InfoKIOSK


A traditional, yet still very modern form of interactive communication. Its core elements are a touch monitor (available in any size or format) and a standard or custom housing. Our line-up includes various InfoKiosk models suitable both for indoor and outdoor operation. By installing peripherals, such as a keyboard, a printer, a barcode scanner or a Wi-Fi adapter, it is possible to achieve virtually unlimited functionality. More information about InfoKiosks can be found at InfoKiosks.

Nośniki i design - DigiPOS


A traditional POS enhanced with multimedia content to drive sales directly at the retail location. DigiPOS devices also help promote your company or product during trade fairs, exhibitions and other industry conventions. In both cases, the device combines standard (analog) advertising with multimedia content in the form of sound, videos and images displayed by a Public Display monitor.

Nośniki i design - DigiSTAND


A multimedia presentation stand designed to work with the DSnet network, able to display information and advertising content in any place where subtlety and elegance is a priority. Combined with a touch-sensitive overlay, it can also be used for presentations. The stand can be used for marketing purposes (e.g. product promotion) and as a presentation device in museums, galleries, exhibitions, academic institutions etc.

Nośniki i design - Ekran LED

LED screen

LED screens are a popular digital signage medium type, both for indoor and outdoor use.


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