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  We offer a wide range of materials for sign production:


ALURAPID it is one of the simplest technologies used for letter and 3D form production. The specially shaped aluminium coil of specified widths is utilized in the realization of 3D letter sides.

APPLICATION: visual identification, marking and advertising of companies, products etc. through 3D letters (illuminated or not) and other 3D forms like logos and coffers of different shapes.

ADVANTAGES: easy and effective way of sign production enabling virtually anyone to produce impressive 3D signs of different shapes.

OUR OFFER: the technology of 3D letter production (training, materials, tools) and off-the-shelf products (3D forms customized for individual requirements).

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DURALIGHT - one of the most popular lighting systems used in 3D signs production.

USAGE: luminous decorations, building illumination, the exposition of company's logo or name in its headquarters or in attractive locations in the city.

ADVANTAGES: superb visual effect, the easiness of custom shape creation, wide range of standard patterns.

OUR OFFER: off-the-shelf products and production technologies (materials and tools).

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PROFILES FOR ENGRAVED DISPLAYS are used for the creation of tasteful lighting fitting for engraved displays.

ENGRAVED DISPLAYS are made of thick transparent plexiglas on which inscriptions or logos are engraved. When illuminated, they create very interesting visual effects.

ADVANTAGES: easy way to produce great looking lighting fitting customized to the form of the display (a standing or hanging display with standard or custom size)

OUR OFFER: off-the-shelf products (displays) and production technologies (profiles, plugs, and suspensions).

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VISUAL INFORMATION SYSTEM PROFILES - a set of aluminum profiles that together with plastic finishing elements create interior and exterior VISUAL INFORMATION SYSTEM. Modular construction enables custom realizations. They can be applied in: door labels, information boards, standing boards, illuminated modules, display cases with opened glass for interior and exterior use, Totem pillars, frames, letter modules and other elements customized to customer's needs.

APPLICATION: indoor (door labels, information boards, display cases) and outdoor (signposts, parking signs, marking boards, site plans) marking.

ADVANTAGES: easy way to produce elements of visual information system, modular construction allowing to create a variety of forms, possibility to upgrade and expand the system, effective communication, durability and great appearance.

OUR OFFER: aluminum profiles and off-the-shelf products.

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