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  1. Increases your production capabilities due to quick and easy 3D letter production.
  2. No extraordinary manual skills needed to create letters by yourself.
  3. The coil is easy to shape, so in a short time you can obtain even very complex 3D shapes.
  4. The lampshade of the letter is made by gluing aluminium coil (side) and plexiglas (front). For gluing, we recommend Colaplex, but other glues for sticking plexiglas and PVC together can be used as well.
  5. Half an hour after gluing the coil with the plexiglas the lampshade can be taken off from the cutting bench.
  6. The coil has a long lifetime and is rust-proof. Special coating (a paint burnt in 200C) ensures perfect appearance for many years.
  7. It is available in 9 colors, also metallic ones (golden, silver, brown). Additionally, it can be easily covered with acrylics, which expands the palette of available colors allowing to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.
  8. Dirt is hardly visible. To keep it clean, you can use usual cleaning products.
  9. It can be used for various purposes from small letters (20-30 cm high) to big forms (up to 2 m high). It can be used for the production of illuminated letters (fluorescent and neon lamps) as well as letters without illumination (3D forms).
  10. No waste material - even small scraps can be used (e.g. inside letters).
  11. It is clean - the assembly of letter backs with lampshade made of coil and plexiglas is done by the means of screws. Additional sponge protects letter insides from dust and insects.
  12. It is light, which facilitates the assembly process (it is mainly the electric equipment that makes the weight of the letter) and minimizes transport costs.
  13. It can be quickly processed, which enables to carry out a complicated and large order in a short time.


  1. Varnished 0.5 mm aluminum
  2. Sealing sponge (protects the letter insides from dust and insects).
  3. Coated with the material easily glued to plexiglas (PMMA)

Channel letter
  1. front: plexiglas (PMMA)
  2. sealing sponge
  3. back: 10 mm PVC
  4. aluminium coil
  5. screws fastening aluminum to PVC

The tools used in channel letter production:

roller no. 1

roller no. 2
roller no. 3


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