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The Opoczno S. A. website is an advanced Internet application focusing on corporate and product aspects. The service includes, among other things:

  • a product catalogue divided into categories - covering approximately 1200 catalogue cards; the whole catalogue is based on a database, which may be updated on the basis of the product base in xls format, owing to which it is practically feasible to replace several hundred products in one minute
  • advanced product search - making it possible to find a searched for product in the catalogue with its parameters being defined in detail.
  • product clipboard - a module making it possible to establish one’s own account and store selected products and collections in it
  • an interactive map of distributors - updated on the basis of the xls format base
  • specialist services for journalists and architects - including information and data designed for these groups, in particular: a bank of photos to be printed (for journalists), a model base of CAD products (for architects)
  • four language versions

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