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In addition to a comprehensive presentation of the company and products, this variant includes additional modules and applications ensuring sales support and communication with potential customers.

  • individually prepared intro in 3D or MACROMEDIA FLASH technology
  • preparation of an original and attractive graphic design layout
  • background music - several soundtracks
  • unlimited number of screens
  • extensiveness and variety of the presented information about the company
  • comprehensive presentation of the company's activities and its range of products and services
  • an optimum navigation system enabling the user to find searched for information quickly
  • making use of a multimedia film in the presentation
  • voice-over
  • MACROMEDIA DIRECTOR presentation technology
  • additional tools (including product configurers)
  • preparing a catalogue including from several hundred up to several thousand products, divided into categories,
  • product search engine in the enhanced version making it possible to search for a product according to various criteria
  • communication with the Internet
  • presentation updating module via the Internet
  • making available materials to be downloaded by the user
  • additional software - design and cost estimation programs
  • several language versions

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