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Demo: www.magit.pl/temp/3d/efg.htm

Nowadays a common way of distributing product information consists in electronic catalogues. Most companies present their range of products and services via an Internet service and multimedia presentations. Such information mainly contains photographs and detailed parameters of products, but it is not able to replace the customer being able to see the product in person.

Our offer is a new idea of an electronic catalogue, which will make it possible to overcome this barrier. The idea consists in three-dimensional product models that precisely reflect the actual appearance of the product. Three-dimensional models of products are a popular element of product presentations, but an interesting novelty consists in the form of their presentation. Three-dimensional models have so far been designed solely for architects, while a special program was required for preview and application. Our offer, however, makes it possible to make models directly available in the website or presentation with the capability to turn them in any direction and look at them from each side. Owing to this, a potential client is provided with significantly more extensive visual information about a product than that supplied by a two-dimensional photograph.

  • complete visual information about the product - the ability to look at the product from each side by rotating it
  • wide availability of visualisation - no special software is required in order to see models, installing a free-of-charge plugin to an Internet search engine is enough
  • possibility to change the colour scheme of facilities being looked at by the user

A 3D catalogue demo containing EFG Marro sp. z o. o. product models can be seen at the address

In order to see the demo, it is necessary to install a Shockwave Player 10 plugin in the search engine. If the system does not detect the plugin on the computer, the website shall be automatically redirected to the site that makes it possible to download it.

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