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In order to fully appreciate the beauty of a historical building or paintings in a museum, one has to see them with one’s own eyes. Virtual visualisation can, however, be an interesting complement, which at the same time encourages the viewer to personally visit the place being presented in the future. A virtual tour of a museum that makes it possible to see particular works of art being presented there is also an alternative for those who do not have the opportunity to visit a museum, as it is located in another country, for example. Thanks to the technology of interactive visualisation, they can broaden their knowledge in the privacy of their own home. Children also find this form of culture and art presentation interesting.

Another proposal is a virtual city. 3D technology makes it possible to go for a tour of the city or a chosen area. The user simultaneously receives information about where there are, in front of what monument they are standing and they can become acquainted with its history. This is not all - how about going back in time and seeing what the city used to look like 200 years ago?

The interactive visualisation of facilities can also be applied in the promotion of premises in the sphere of real estate. A presentation of a three-dimensional building gives a preview of living or business premises available in the building along with information about available metric area and possible price.

Exemplifying ways of applying facility visualisation:

  • visualisations of buildings
  • visualisations of museums
  • visualisations of cities
  • visualisations of department stores
  • visualisations of real estate for sale
  • making available information about facilities without the necessity to visit them in person
  • the ability to present elements that are not visible “live”, due to the conditions in which they find themselves (e.g. sunken ships, devices inaccessible because of a lack of space)
  • making available written electronic information about the facility being presented.

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