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Opoczno S. A. multimedia presentation

Our company developed a corporate and product presentation for Opoczno S. A. - the biggest producer of ceramic tiles in Poland. The aim of the presentation is to strengthen the image of the Opoczno company as well as to stress the quality and beauty of the tiles offered by the company.

The presentation includes:

  • a catalogue of products divided into catalogue cards (approximately 1000)
  • advanced search
  • libraries of CAD product models
  • program installing an overlay on the AutoCAD program containing a library of product models
  • gadgets such as games, wallpapers and screen savers
  • other media elements such as voice-over, background music and initial animation
  • other elements

Sanitec Koło sp. z o. o. presentations

On March 31st two multimedia Sanitec Koło presentations were completed and these were designed for architects in particular. The first one presents users with a wide range of products accompanied by the KOŁO mark, the other one – the extensive product range of the Keramag, Koralle and Albatros brands that are distributed within Poland by Sanitec Koło.

The basic aim of developing both presentations is to facilitate the process of interior design and selection of bathroom furnishings for architects and designers - both at the stage of advising a customer and during the process of creating the actual design with the help of CAD tools. Owing to this assumption software was created, which is unique on the Polish bathroom furnishing market, including not only complete information about bathroom products and standards, but also a set of extremely useful tools. Descriptions of bathroom standards and examples of different bathroom arrangements - from private bathing salons to public bathrooms - placed in the presentation with the range of Koło products and services will undoubtedly inspire numerous users to create their own, very interesting designs, additionally characterised by extraordinarily high functionality.

The most important tool of the ones available is the CAD library cooperating with the AutoCAD program in all its versions currently present on the market - from LT to 14, 2000 to 2002. Depending on a given presentation, the software makes available product libraries of Koło and Panda or Keramag, Koralle and Albatros. Naturally, both libraries can be used simultaneously. The library makes it possible to design using CAD product blocks, it facilitates automatic cost estimation and even price updating via the Internet. We also took advantage of additional technical capabilities available in AutoCAD 2000 and 2002, which offered their users such functions facilitating work, as: - a photo preview capability, 2D and 3D models as well as precise product descriptions in the import window, - product searching in the library according to codes and names. The CAD library is available on a CD in the installation version - it can be activated from the presentation or directly from the disc. Installation is quick and easy; work with the library can be started immediately.

Both presentations include complete information about products divided into categories (ceramics and furniture, cubicles, etc.) and ranges. The attractiveness of each product range is enhanced by a display of arrangement photos designed using products in the range. Each photograph can be magnified (by clicking), which at the same time makes it possible to learn what particular products are presented in it.

The scope and detail of the presented range of products are astonishing. Each product is illustrated on a separate screen, containing a photograph and technical drawings (with the option of magnification on clicking), product characteristics: code, dimensions, basic price, description as well as a list of complementary elements and products for a chosen product. A printout option facilitates saving useful information for the future. Special buttons on the product description screen enable CAD, 3D and CDR files to be saved on the disc accompanied by the models of a given product. The Model List screen facilitates checking which files are available for products that interest us - and then it is enough to click once to proceed to a window that makes it possible to save the files.

The presentations also enable fast and easy product searching according to varied criteria, such as the name, code or dimensions. It is only necessary to enter the product parameters of interest to us for all the products fulfilling the set criteria to appear in the search window. Clicking on the name of a given product from the list will move us to the screen with its detailed description. What happens if it turns out not to be the "right one"? There's nothing easier; one has to only go back to the search screen and select another product - the results of the last search have been stored!

Users also have access to promotional documentation and materials of interest to them. The presentations include catalogues of products, price lists, assembly instructions and certificates awarded to Sanitec Koło products - in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. However, Sanitec Koło’s product range is constantly changing and adjusting to customers’ needs. For this reason the presentations are dynamic and the user can check whether new documents or updated versions of materials in their possession have appeared. This is not all though - with the help of the presentations it is also possible to update selected documents by means of the Internet - they will be instantly visible in the structure.

The presentations include a number of multimedia materials, which include films and a narrator’s comments presenting the company’s line of business and the range of products or services it offers. The user moving around the presentation is accompanied by music that changes depending on the screen topic. Another attraction consists in souvenirs in the form of wallpapers and screen savers.

The user’s interface is specially designed so that it is accessible for everybody. However, if we feel lost for a moment, we will be helped by the context help system, available at any moment due to the "?" icon that is visible on each presentation screen.

You are most warmly invited to become acquainted with the presentations. This is a new and dynamic method of presenting what a company has to offer. The presentations make available a wide range of capabilities: from receiving comprehensive information about a product to design and cost estimation. Let us not forget about the artistic aspects either. Interesting and original graphics, attractive animations and music make a presentation worth being regarded as a work of functional art that is used with pleasure.

Magit – the winner of the European Medal for Internet services

Our services in the field of Internet application projects were appreciated by the "European Medal" competition jury, organised jointly by the Business Centre Club and the Committee for European Integration.

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