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DigiPOS wins the award!

DigiPOS was awarded in the Digital Signage — INNOVATION OF THE YEAR Competition at the PROMO EXPO Fair which took place February 3–5 in Warsaw. Support for various multimedia and a modern design played a decisive role in winning the award by digiPOS.

DigiPOS by Magit is a multipurpose Digital Signage solution.

Purpose and scope of application

Never before has a Digital Signage system performed so many functions! DigiPOS was designed to promote and help to identify brands, boost sales and to serve as a modern advertising and information tool.

DigiPOS — Innovations & Features

DigiPOS combines the features of a standard POS stand, a Digital Signage system and Corporate Identity advertising medium. It is composed of a stand (2m high; approx. 30cm in diameter) and two Public Display screens, mounted at its top. DigiPOS provides a company with a variety of options to present a wide range of articles and leaflets (up to 16 holders of A4 size).

A modern design is the most distinctive feature of the system. Keeping the graphics up-to-date on the stand is extremely easy, enabling digiPOS to play a significant role in branding and visual identity policy of a company.

DigiPOS features state-of-the-art LED lighting system. As a result, an unlimited range of lighting colors can be used, and yet featuring low power consumption (a green solution).

Multimedia advertising catches customers' attention and provides the owner of digiPOS with various marketing opportunities: advertising products in places where purchase decisions are made, while also presenting video spots, brochures and leaflets.

32” (or 22”) screens mounted at approx. 2m are highly visible even from a long distance, so the professional content that is displayed will not go unnoticed.

The conveyed message is augmented by stereo loudspeakers mounted next to each display.

DigiPOS is equipped with an innovative mini player which enables the stand to display two separate adverts chosen from previously set playlists.

DigiPOS is designed to operate as a part of a Digital Signage system or as an independent multimedia display unit.

Most video, graphic and audio file formats are supported.

DigiPOS vs. other products

DigiPOS is a brand new solution in both Poland and Europe.

Magit Sp. z o.o., Wrocław, tel. (071) 347 73 30/31, faks (071) 372 94 58, e-mail: magit@magit.pl